Young Adult Literature in the Composition Classroom: Essays on Practical Application (English Edition) por Tamara Girardi

February 24, 2019

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Young Adult Literature in the Composition Classroom: Essays on Practical Application (English Edition) por Tamara Girardi

Titulo del libro: Young Adult Literature in the Composition Classroom: Essays on Practical Application (English Edition)

Autor: Tamara Girardi

Número de páginas: 242 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 15, 2018

Editor: McFarland

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 Young adult literature holds an exceptional place in modern American popular culture. Accessible to readers of all levels, it captures a diverse audience and tends to adapt to the big screen in an exciting way. With its wide readership, YAL sparks interesting discussions inside and outside of the classroom. This collection of new essays examines how YAL has impacted college composition courses, primarily focusing on the first year. Contributors discuss popular YA stories, their educational potential, and possibilities for classroom discussion and exercise.

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