The Desert Rat Scrapbook- Pouch 7 Packet 1 (English Edition) por Dr David Powers

January 20, 2019

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The Desert Rat Scrapbook- Pouch 7 Packet 1 (English Edition) por Dr David Powers

Titulo del libro: The Desert Rat Scrapbook- Pouch 7 Packet 1 (English Edition)

Autor: Dr David Powers

Número de páginas: 72 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 31, 2018


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If you're a fan of Mark Twain's dry wit, oft-hidden humor, and tales of a bygone era on the Mississippi, then you'll love The Desert Rat Scrapbook. Imagine Mark Twain stuck in the desert with no riverboat and a bunch of crusty cowboys instead of river rats.
The Desert Rat Scrapbook was first published in 1946 by Harry Oliver, a lifelong desert rat, Oscar nominated artist, and humorist. It's a collection of humor fact, and tall tales collected from the lives of him and others in the southwestern United States. Oliver eventually handed the reigns over to Bill Powers, who published the final issues.
In it's hey-day the paper was mailed all over the United States and several foreign countries. Although the volumes have been collected piecemeal in print over the years, they're rare to find. Desert Historian Bill Oakes managed to compile an entire collection and digitize them for posterity. Without his assistance, it's likely many of these issues would have never been seen again.
SINGLE ISSUE NOTICE- This is a single issue of The Desert Rat Scrapbook. Others are currently being worked on for publication as well. If you enjoy them, keep your eyes peeled for future ones. Eventually a compendium of all the issues will be made available.
Editor Bio-
Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer and lives a life of constant experimentation. His life's compass is "to seek out adventure in everything he does by being intentional, determined, and unstoppable and by energizing and outfitting others to embark on their own adventures". He fulfills his purpose through speaking and books and is a best-selling author in psychology and education. He is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is married and the proud father of four feral boys and one princess that he and his wife homeschool. His mission in life is to find the magical best mug of coffee in the world.
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