Wake Up Call - The War Against Men Revealed (English Edition) por Gary Brodsky

January 20, 2019

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Wake Up Call - The War Against Men Revealed (English Edition) por Gary Brodsky

Titulo del libro: Wake Up Call - The War Against Men Revealed (English Edition)

Autor: Gary Brodsky

Número de páginas: 197 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 4, 2016

Editor: Gary Brodsky Inc.

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Wake Up Call - The War Against Men Revealed

I am asking everyone to buy Wake-Up Call. Not for my benefit, but for your own. This concerns not just your survival, but your very sanity. Terrible forces are at work in this world, hidden from your sight, and if you don't learn about them and learn about them fast, you, my friend, are doomed. The facts laid out in this book cover everything you will need to know to save yourself from the hell that is being set up not only to be your future, but also the future of every male on the planet. You need this book because it contains everything you need to know right now about how you live, your sexuality, your thoughts, and your dreams. This book will show you exactly how it is becoming impossible for men to be men and women to be women. It will also tell you who is making this happen and why!

Wake-Up Call is the sacred truth about how you can reclaim your INDIVIDUAL GENDER identity and join others who are waking up and fighting back. It has the hidden facts that will show you how to take back your mind and soul, which have been stolen without your knowledge or permission. Yes, you have been robbed of these things and a lot more! You've heard the phrase gender neutrality? Well, it's replacing masculinity, and the shameful secret that those in charge don't want anyone to realize is that women don't like it any more than men do. Now, do understand me?

Wake-Up Call is not another "How to Pick Up Girls" book. There are plenty of those, and that is not what you need. This powerful book, which, trust me, the big secret powers of the nanny state do NOT want you to read, is about the slow, but constant, manipulative plan that has controlled everything we think and do for the last few decades in an effort to change who we are as people and, even worse, who we are as a country.

Wake-Up Call is the single greatest dose of reality available anywhere today. This book uncovers, with all references included, the plots and operations that made political correctness a way of life, how those in charge are poisoning your mind and body and—believe it or not—exactly who they are. All the mind games, the feminization of America, and why this has happened are all covered in frightening documented detail.

Wake-Up Call is no joke! It describes why meeting people, dating, and being in every type of relationship seem so incredibly difficult these days! It tells why most women have contempt for men today! It outlines why men and women are more comfortable talking to machines than to each other and why the youth of today are more comfortable with virtual relationships than real ones. It painstakingly explains why most people won't even talk to machines, but will type to one another using a machine rather than risk actually speaking! This book is the reason it is now time to WAKE UP before it's too late!

Wake-Up Call blows the lid off the biggest disaster ever to strike the men of this great nation, explaining exactly what happened, why it happened, and how you, as men, can reclaim your God-given manhood right NOW! Before it's too late. Before you find yourselves part of the last generation of real men to be allowed to live. And don't think this is a wake-up call just for men. What has become of men cannot happen without affecting women as well!

This book guarantees you will NEVER have to apologize for being a man ever again! Empower yourself once and for all with the knowledge and all the proof you will ever need that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with you! The problem isn't with you, but with everything that is happening around you. Open your eyes. Catch on to the traps and pitfalls placed out to snare, weaken, and destroy you. Pull yourself up out of the despicable mire and muck of this nightmare before it's too late!

This is your Wake-Up Call!