100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift: To Give or For Keeps par Caitlin Sainio

100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift: To Give or For Keeps par Caitlin Sainio

Titre de livre: 100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift: To Give or For Keeps

Auteur: Caitlin Sainio

ISBN: 1844488055

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Caitlin Sainio avec 100 Snowflakes to Crochet: Make Your Own Snowdrift: To Give or For Keeps

100 Snowflakes to Crochet

Winter 2013 How many ways can you crochet a snowflake? The possibilities are endless, but here are 100 fresh options for windows, trees, gifts, and anything else you can think to adorn. The book includes basic crochet instructions and motif-stiffening methods, and then transitions to a snowflake "showcase", followed by diagrams and written instructions. Interweave Crochet Dec 12 Don't make the mistake of thinking a book that's just about snowflakes is limited! With a simple change of colour, the motifs are perfect for many projects, not just at Christmas. We feel this makes a great book for beginners, as it includes a how-to section and projects gradually increase in complexity enabling the reader to build upon their skills with each motif. Like the other books in the series, it is laid out simply, with written patterns accompanied by charts. Inside Crochet Issue 20 Bring the magic of a fresh snowfall into your home with the gorgeous, collection of crocheted snowflakes. With all the lacy beauty of the real thing, these make a lovely addition to any home and you can spend an hour making an ornament or two or take a whole weekend to crochet a blizzard! With clear instructions and full patterns for a wide range of designs from simple snowflakes requiring only a few stitches to large, intricate patterns, this book gives you all the techniques you'll need. It also includes a section on the basics of crochet to explain the stitches and patterns that you'll encounter in the book. Patterns are organised by complexity with the easiest first, allowing you to pick a project that matches your skill level and work through the book to improve your technique as you go. This book also includes suggestions for alternative yarn choices and pattern options so you can make unique snowflakes of your own. Simply Homemade Feb 13 If plastic decorations are too tacky and glass ones too fragile, why not crochet some beautiful filigree snowflakes to adorn your Christmas tree and walls? Choose from a hundred different designs, all called after icy winds from around the world or other winter themes. This might not be a hardback special but it is my favorite craft book of the year. There are normally books that teach you how to crochet and books of projects, but this one does both and does it well. The snowflakes are beautiful, make up quickly and use up oddments of yarn besides. Arranged in order of difficulty this is probably the best way to learn how to crochet and make something you want to keep that I have seen yet. To decorate your home you really do need quite a few so you can practice the stitches to your heart's content knowing that the end result will be some new decorations nobody will think are tacky. Very few items are needed which is also a good thing for a beginner, and despite the instructions being called a refresher course,?I think it is a good way to learn. Very clear drawings lightly tinted in color take you through the basics and then it is on with the projects. As is usual with this type of Seach Press book, there are several pages showing the flakes made up life-size so you can choose the effect you are after and turn to the right page. Projects are two to a page with both written and charted instructions plus a photo of the finished item and an explanation for the title. At the back of the book are a few simple ideas for projects such as decorated mittens (a shop bought pair), mobile, greetings cards, decorated holiday pillow and more. Myshelf.com Winter 12 Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere... create ornaments, accessories and more with these intricate and beautiful snowflake motifs. The book is packed with delicate, crystalline crochet motifs, all inspired by different 'real-life' snowflakes and all following the six-sided symmetrical structure they create. Each design is photographed in full colour and is both charted and written out. Simply Crochet Xmas 2012 It's going to be a white Christmas this year, whether snow falls from the sky or not! With Caitlin Sainio's new book, you can crochet snowflakes from the cosy comfort of your living room. Just like real snowflakes, each of the 100 patterns are beautifully unique. They'll make captivating decorations to hang from your tree, mantelpiece or window frame, or to sew on to Christmas clothing. If you're a beginner, use just a few simple stitches to create one of the easier snowflakes. For the more experienced, there are plenty of larger, more intricate patterns to choose from. All the techniques and stitches you need to make the snowflakes are in the book, along with clear instructions. Knit Today Oct 12 I love this book because it is so well laid out, with clear colourful pictures of all 100 snowflakes, and they all have interesting names!! The snowflakes are beautiful, there are a wide variety to suit all, some lacy and some a little more chunky. Also the terminology is english not american, and there are diagrams for the patterns as well as written instructions. The clear and colourful layout is very inspiring and I can't wait to get going on the pretty designs, which need not be used as snowflakes only, there are a few ideas in the back of the book for other uses. This book is a KEEPER !!! I would recommend this book to a beginner or an advanced crocheter and I would certainly buy it for a friend. I am so glad I bought this book, its so nice, fresh and modern.-"Bookmad", Amazon Customer Nov 12 '100 Snowflakes to Crochet' by Caitlin Sainio is an excellent directory of snowflake patterns. Not only is it a directory but Caitlin has added a story to each snowflake so you know where the particular type is to be found in the world and at what time of the year. My favourite is the 'Candle Ice' snowflake - 'This little snowflake might come to rest on a pile of Candle ice - lake or sea ice that has disintegrated into a pile of candle shaped cylinders.' If you are obsessed with patterns in nature you will definitely love this book. As a trained mechanical engineer Caitlin brings a scientific element to crochet. She's also added ten pages of instructions from very basic crochet stitches to more advanced advice for when you have finished all the snowflakes and want to start designing your own. They are organised in order of ease so if you are a beginner you can start with the first snowflake and work your way through the book. Even the most basic snowflakes at the start of the book are beautiful and well worth making even if you are an experienced crocheter. It's an ideal present for someone who is thinking of beginning crochet. At the end of the book she has featured ten projects using the snowflake designs. sewingisforgirls.blogspot.com Dec 12 This book is pretty self-explanatory. It is a pattern book of 100 different crocheted snowflakes, which will come in handy now that Christmas is upon us. Guidelines are given for the hook and yarn sizes required to complete them, and advice is offered on how to design your own, just in case 101 snowflakes are required. In the few that I attempted, I found that the patterns utilize basic crochet stitches that any crocheter would know and that the designs are deceptively simple. You create a wide range of shapes using these basic stitches and the fun is definitely in creating all the different patterns without being taxed too much. The patterns are given in written and diagrammatic forms, so will appeal to those who prefer one or the other and, for any beginners, there is a section on crochet basics. There are even some projects for your snowflakes where you can use the designs to make a beautiful scarf, wall art or winter gloves. It's going to be a White Christmas in my house this year, with or without the snow! Workshop On The Web

Caitlin Sainio has been crocheting for most of her life, and especially loves the delicate geometries of thread crochet. Trained as a mechanical engineer, she's turned her engineering talents to freelance crochet design, concentrating particularly on snowflakes, flowers, and the other beautiful patterns found in nature. This is her first publication.