Paulus Op. 36 (Ka) Chant par Felix Mendelssohn Ba

Paulus Op. 36 (Ka) Chant par Felix Mendelssohn Ba

Titre de livre: Paulus Op. 36 (Ka) Chant

Auteur: Felix Mendelssohn Ba

Broché: 191 pages

Date de sortie: January 1, 2000

ISBN: 9790014007652

Éditeur: Peters

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Felix Mendelssohn Ba avec Paulus Op. 36 (Ka) Chant

Instrumentation : SATB Soli - SATB Chorus - - Cbsn - - Timp - Org - Str(Eng./Ger.) Vocal Score. For his Oratorio Mendelssohn made a discreet selection from St. Paul's eventful life as recounted in the acts of the Apostles. The story begins with the stoning of St. Steven by the Jews, and continues through his miraculous conversion to the scene in Lystra, where Paul himself is nearly martyred by stoning, and his farewell in Miletus. Hardly any Oratorio of the Romantic period, could match St. Paul in popularity. Only years later was it overtaken in the public esteem my Mendlessohn's Elijah. In the first two years following its premiere performance it was performed in over fifty German cities, in many European capitals and the United States. Editor :Dörffel