New York Interiors: Bold · Elegant · Refined par Barbara Stoeltie

New York Interiors: Bold · Elegant · Refined par Barbara Stoeltie

Titre de livre: New York Interiors: Bold · Elegant · Refined

Auteur: Barbara Stoeltie

Broché: 208 pages

Date de sortie: March 5, 2012

ISBN: 2080201050

Éditeur: Flammarion

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Barbara Stoeltie avec New York Interiors: Bold · Elegant · Refined

This title offers exclusive access to the most wonderfully crafted interiors that New York has to offer. Effortlessly glamorous and charming, the Big Apple remains a constant source of inspiration for artists and designers. The harmonious coexistence of the traditional and the modern defines the city's unique style, and showcases its most alluring qualities. Luxury apartments with magnificent panelling hung with masterly paintings, a glass house eagles nest on top of an art deco skyscraper, delightful brick townhouses with front gardens reminiscent of those in a picturesque village; this is what makes New York special. "New York Interiors" offers exclusive access into 17 homes of prominent New York interior designers and antique dealers, showcasing a fantastic variety of colorful, bold, elegant, intriguing, and refined interiors. It offers insight into how these style setters decorate their own personal dwellings, providing endless inspiration for contemporary interior design. Barbara and Rene Stoelties thrilling journey takes us on a geographical and stylistic exploration of the city, from the eclectic brilliance at antiquarian Louis Bofferdings on Lexington Avenue, to James Joseph and Scott Frankels meticulously restored country dwelling, via the dizzying heights of John Saladinos exquisite Olympic Tower apartment. Each unique property is captured in magnificent photographs that highlight the balancing of elements from different cultures and epochs, and the thoughtful selection of accessories or antiques that make each an interior special, providing fresh ideas for the home.