Raft (S.F. MASTERWORKS Book 1) por Stephen Baxter

January 19, 2019

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Raft (S.F. MASTERWORKS Book 1) por Stephen Baxter

Titulo del libro: Raft (S.F. MASTERWORKS Book 1)

Autor: Stephen Baxter

Número de páginas: 400 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 24, 2013

Editor: Gateway

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Stephen Baxter's highly acclaimed first novel and the beginning of his stunning Xeelee Sequence finally enters the SF Masterwork series!

A spaceship from Earth accidentally crossed through a hole in space-time to a universe where the force of gravity is one billion times as strong as the gravity we know. Somehow the crew survived, aided by the fact that they emerged into a cloud of gas surrounding a black hole, which provided a breathable atmosphere.

Five hundred years later, their descendants still struggle for existence, divided into two main groups. The Miners live on the Belt, a ramshackle ring of dwellings orbiting the core of a dead star, which they excavate for raw materials. These can be traded for food from the Raft, a structure built from the wreckage of the ship, on which a small group of scientists preserve the ancient knowledge which makes survival possible.

Rees is a Miner whose curiosity about his world makes him stow away on a flying tree - just one of the many strange local lifeforms - carrying trade between the Belt and the Raft. And what he finds will change his world...